Abstract: Music loops are essential ingredients in electronic music production, and there is a high demand for pre-recorded loops in a variety of styles. Several commercial and community databases have been created to meet this demand, but most of them are not suitable for research due to their strict licensing. In this paper, we present the Freesound Loop Dataset (FSLD), a new large-scale dataset of music loops annotated by experts. The loops originate from Freesound, a community database of audio recordings released under Creative Commons licenses, so the audio in our dataset may be redistributed. The annotations include instrument, meter, key and genre tags. We describe the methodology used to assemble and annotate the data, and report on the distribution of tags in the data and inter-annotator agreement. We also present to the community an online loop annotator tool that we developed. To illustrate the usefulness of FSLD, we present short case studies on using it to estimate tempo and key, generate new loops, and evaluate a loop separation algorithm. We anticipate that the community will find yet more uses for the data, in applications from automatic loop characterisation to algorithmic composition.