The CECIA team is composed of internationally active composers, sound artists and researchers who remotely worked on the project in 2019. The project was organized by ZKM within the framework of the »Interfaces« project with the support of the Creative Europe program of the European Union.
CECIA is an innovative music project that integrates the creative agency of 5 composers and Machine Learning algorithms, leading to the creation of a unique composition of electroacoustic music. The project explores collaborative music creation, harnessing the creativity of electroacoustic music composers and Intelligent Agents through an online platform. The collaborative process was conducted remotely in an iterative fashion, in which the composers anonymously submitted and evaluated sound material/ideas/suggestions. These data were used for the training of the machine learning algorithms, which generated new sonic structures, which in turn were fed back to the composers as suggestive material. The project implements a synergistic framework between human and algorithms, introducing a novel experimental sound practice for the creation of electroacoustic music.